For Other Attorneys

We have numerous years experience litigating complex civil cases which require thorough legal research, extensive briefing, and often appellate work.  We have handled class actions and, most recently, have been New Jersey counsel for an out of state law firm representing 72 of the plaintiffs involved in one of the few cases assigned by the New Jersey Supreme Court for Centralized Case Management (In re Prudential Life Insurance of America Tort Litigation, Case No. 288).    

We are available to provide the following services to other plaintiffs' counsel:

  • Brief Writing
  • Legal Research
  • Oral Argument 
  • Appellate Work
  • Consultations
  • Co-counseling Arrangements

Financial arrangements can be tailored for the particular situation depending on the length of the assignment and the extent of involvement desired.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us